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This demo requires a browser such as Google Chrome that supports WebRTC.

In Chrome, make sure to enable PeerConnection from the chrome://flags page.

Help diagram

Who Am I? is a two-player face-to-face game.
Each player takes a turn to ask a question to
find out which famous person they are...

Help diagram

To begin, each player chooses a famous
person for their opponent...

Help diagram

Each player then takes a turn to
ask a question about who they are...

Help diagram

When you reply to your opponent, hit the
corresponding YES or NO button, after which the
turn will switch and it’s your turn to ask a question...

Help diagram

When you think you've got it
and tell your opponent.

Who am I?

Opponent name

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You’re ready to play


You’re ready

Waiting for your opponent

To begin the game, you and your opponent choose a mystery celebrity identity for each other.

The aim is to guess who YOU are, before your opponent guesses who THEY are.

Take turns to ask a yes/no question about your identity.

Choose their name

Your opponent will try to guess they are

Opponent name

Choose again

Let’s play

Get ready

Your opponent is choosing your name

It's your turn

Ask your first question

Ask your question


You were

On your question you guessed

Your name

Your opponent wants to play again

Play again

It’s your opponent’s turn to ask

Your opponent is going to make a guess

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